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sasjs create

To create a new project, run: sasjs create mynewproject

To install in an existing project, change into that directory and run: sasjs create (without arguments). This will create a sas folder inside the directory, and - if a package.json file exists - the @sasjs/core dependency will be added.

An additional option can be specified to create a web app from a template, eg: sasjs create my-sas-project --template react. The --template alias can be shortened to -t (not to be confused with the -t target shortcut used in many other sasjs commands).

The following templates are available:

  • Angular - a quickstart for building angular projects
  • React - a quickstart for React based projects
  • minimal - a basic app using vanilla javascript
  • sasonly - an app that only contains backend SAS (web) services
  • jobs - an app that only contains backend SAS jobs (including a flow example)